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About Steve

Originally the son of a plumber, Steve Garland moved into working in radio music and marketing for the past 30 years, with two decades as a radio personality and Ad Agency owner in San Francisco. From radio to commercial and corporate voice over, to occassional character voices. His signature voice however, has been described as Warm, Trustworthy, engaging, and Real. Great tones, yes- but Steve has the ability to sound like the guy next door, the husband, a character, or the announcer voice that can still sound "real"  and different.


An lifelong broadcaster, Actor, and Musician, Steve owns the Jingle Lab Studios, where all voiceover work, commercial production, and Jingles are produced for a variety of clients, and owns and manages SGM Advertising, offering full Ad Agency service.




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Steve's won over 20 ADDY Awards for amazing creative, voice work,  and Commercial Prooduction!


Need help with your marketing, media placement, everything?


Visit Steve's additional Creative and Marketing sites on the web:

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