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Hi, I'm Steve Garland, welcome to my voice actor's website. In addition to other marketing services I offer on , IN addition to being CEO of SGM and The Jingle Lab, I'm a veteran voice-over pro that's worked  for Apple, Disney, ABC, CBS and voiced thousands of commercials for national and regional clients. Clients have called me  "The warm voice of trust" and "the perfect regular guy voice", and am proud to have won Twenty Six  industry "Addy Awards" for a combination of my creative and voice work. 


This site is dedicated to showcasing my voice work and production team's commercial work - which is a small part of what we do! Other services include copywriting, multiple voice production with in-house actors, custom Jingles via and full ad agency services via


I use a Neumann Mic, PC Audiolabs Systems, and Adobe Audition audio editing gear, along with a mix of mics and studio settings to create high impact, high quality voiceover and commercials for clients nationwide. 


For rates on voice and full commercial production, Contact us at: or directly at (916) 576-1977. Need more than just voice? Our sister sites are a perfect place to see how we can help. They are below.

Commercial VOs and Podcast Host examples

Voiceover for TV /Radio/Corporate  see more here

Ad Agency
Steve's JIngle Company


Steve's "Dutton Plumbing" Radio campaing launches newest radio ad

in greater LA area. Steve plays the owner ERIC, and Steve Garland Media handles creative and media.

 Facebook Pages post projects, gigs and videos

I love social media, it alllows us to talk to so many people, intimately, in a relavant way, and be interactive too. I post updates on everything from Voice over projects, commercials, and Client campaigns, to band gigs, Jingles and videos.  Find me here:

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